May 2016

Prospect Resources Inc. (PRI), is a firm that specializes in managing energy procurement (gas and electricity) for medium and large clients.

The only constant in the energy markets over the past 15 years is price volatility. This reality turns energy procurement into a very risky business.  Most buyers are presented with only 2 choices: lock in a fixed rate for an extended period of time, or ride the floating market price, whatever it may be for any given period. In a very volatile market, neither of these choices is an attractive one.


PRI’s overall strategy utilizes the proven age-old principle known as “Dollar Cost Averaging”. This means purchasing the commodity in incremental quantities over a period of time. that spreads the risks and reduces volatility. It is a customized, responsive and flexible strategy which provides as much protection as the client wishes, all the while providing ample opportunity to take advantage of market movement. Suppliers generally do not like to deal with multiple small purchases. Nonetheless, they afford PRI a great deal of flexibility due to its large portfolio, and long-term relationship with its clients.


For its clients, PRI will do the following:
  • Utilize its proprietary software tools to analyze the myriad available purchasing options
  • Develop and execute a detailed and customized long term strategic plan.
  • Monitor the market continuously and recommend actions when opportunities arise.
  • Provide superb service with a relentless pursuit of what is best for the client.
  • Provide additional services such as utility and supplier advocacy, Demand Response, and Benchmarking.


PRI’s careful, methodical and labor intensive approach to strategic energy procurement has resulted in a drastic reduction in the risks associated with energy procurement, and saved our clients over $50 million over the past three years.  Prospect Resources was chosen to be featured on Fox Business News by Profiles with Terry, a national television program hosted by Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

The program identified and featured unique trendsetting companies offering innovative services and solutions to business.  The segment highlights the benefits of Prospect Resources’ strategic energy procurement approach and the support PRI provides to its customers. To view the broadcast please go to the following link: Click Here

Client Portfolio

PRI services over 600 clients in 14 states in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, commercial, multifamily, healthcare (over 150 facilities), hospitality, not-for-profit and institutional. Our clients include: Draper and Kramer, Loyola University of Chicago (all campuses), MB Realty, JLL, the Daley Center, Wirtz Realty and Breakthru Beverage, The Harbor Group, Hertz Investment Group, and TLC / Chicago Rentals. Our volume purchases and established ties with some of largest national suppliers in the US enable us to manage national portfolios from our Skokie offices. For more detailed information about PRI and its activities please visit our website at

PRI provides end-users with a superb and relentless service. Quite often, PRI becomes a true extension of its clients as an outsourced energy desk. We work very hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients achieving a 99% retention rate. We would cherish the opportunity to meet with your team and to explore the possibilities of servicing your facilities in the best possible way.

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