Did You Know? - How Utilities Determine Generation and Distribution Rates
Public utilities follow the "Utility Ratemaking" process to set prices for their customers. But how exactly are these rates set and how do providers (and consumers) benefit from it in a regulated market?
The Ratemaking Process

Chicago Named ‘Greenest’ U.S. Office Market Two Years Running

"No city has more certified green office buildings than Chicago" -Bloomberg
Chicago Tops the List

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What Does 100% Renewable Energy Really Mean?

Companies, cities, and countries are claiming they're 100% renewable. But how do any of these entities reach that status and what exactly does 100% renewable energy really mean? 
Truly 100%?

Renewable Energy Could "Effectively Be Free" by 2030

Renewable energy costs will be "effectively free," according to new financial projections. What are the potential effects of this revelation?
Free Renewable Energy

Prospect Resources Inc. (PRI) is a firm that specializes in managing energy procurement (gas and electricity) for medium and large commercial and industrial clients.

The only constant in the energy markets over the past 15 years is price volatility. This reality turns energy procurement into a very risky business.  

PRI's Layered Hedging strategy is a proven alternative.
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Layered Hedging Strategy

Layered Hedging

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