The world's oldest Nobel Prize winner, a 96-year-old physicist, says his new invention will give everyone in the world clean, cheap energy. 

Power Procurement's Path: 2019 Outlook

How renewables, innovative contracting, storage technology and other issues will enter into the mix.

California's Energy Efficiency Path

Rebates, third party programs, market transformations.

DC passes 'most ambitious' mandate for 100% renewables by 2032

High Energy: PA's medical marijuana growers try to tame a power-hungry crop
Replicating the sun, warmth and moisture of a farm indoors requires light, air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification - energy intensive equipment that adds up to a stunning statistic: producing a pound of cannabis takes more than 80 times as much electricity as making a pound of aluminum in a smelter. 

Exelon threatens closure of three more Illinois nukes

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The only constant in the energy markets over the past 15 years is price volatility. This reality turns energy procurement into a very risky business.  

PRI's Layered Hedging strategy is a proven alternative.
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