Amazon Accused of Abandoning 100% Renewable Energy Goal

In the world of oil and natural gas, engineers, geologists, and drilling and production departments tend to get the lion's share of the credit when good things happen, and most of the blame when they don't. That's fair, given the crucial roles these groups of employees play within the thousands of companies that make up the U.S. oil and gas industry.

But in recent years, as overall domestic production has risen at a pace no one could have foreseen even five years ago, the credit has begun to shift. These human resources remain indispensable to the success of any company, but the deployment of a raft of advancing technologies has played an ever-advancing role over time in enabling companies to maximize recoveries and profits.

Almost everything you think you know about the energy industry is wrong’

Senior figures from across the energy sector were challenged on what their organisations were doing to engage the public in tackling the energy crisis. Consciences were pricked, and notable schemes such as National Grid’s ‘powering Britain’s future’ project mentioned – but there’s clearly some way to go.

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PJM to Run Capacity Auction in August under Current Rules

PJM will hold the upcoming capacity auction as scheduled under current market rules, barring an order to the contrary from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, president and CEO Andy Ott announced Wednesday.

PJM’s decision was made in consultation with the PJM Board of Managers, and the plans are outlined in a Wednesday filing, Ott said at a meeting of the Market Implementation Committee. The filing also asks FERC to clarify that it will not invalidate the results of the auction with a subsequent order that would require rerunning the auction.

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