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Natural Gas & Electricity Markets

Natural Gas

  • After having risen above $3.00, 1st Quarter NYMEX prices have been trading in the $2.90 range.
  • Moving into December, all week over week natural gas futures prices have fallen.
  • Natural gas inventories are 9% above last year and 7% above the 5-year average as we move into December. The number of rigs producing gas is +1 over one year ago.
  • Year over year demand for natural gas for power generation is down nearly 14%.
  • After a steep fall during the pandemic, liquid natural gas (LNG) shipments have risen dramatically, and are expected to remain strong through the first quarter.


  • PJM forward pricing rose over the Thanksgiving week following a few weeks of a falling market.CY 2021 pricing especially has seen a downward trend as the market is seeing less risk as we head through the winter.
  • Day-ahead pricing has dropped considerably against last year's market on significantly reduced usage and demand across the ISO.
  • PJM forwards are sitting 7-14% off of all time lows. MA and NY markets are lower yet.
  • PJM's capacity auctions have been delayed over FERC's MOPR rulings. The Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR) mitigates the state-subsidized resources toward renewable energy on the capacity market. The MOPR order will have definite consequences for clean energy. It will almost certainly result in a cost increase for consumers. However, the final impact on PJM and the future of its capacity market(s) is still unclear.


  • In the near term, cooler temperatures are developing across the eastern two thirds of the country. Milder weather will be more prevalent in the west and northwest.
  • Right now January is expected to be warmer-than-normal though not necessarily as mild as the past winter.
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