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From saving $3M on natural gas bills to introducing a new referral program - news you shouldn’t miss from PRI

Welcome to the April edition of our newsletter! We are excited to share our current energy market insights and present our new referral program. Our own Azi Feifel was interviewed by Chief Engineer magazine, so be sure to visit the full article!

Additionally, we want to highlight our energy education with our energy efficiency 101 section, which details how NOI achieved through energy efficiency improvements are a great way to increase the value of low occupancy buildings, and last, but not least, we have included a case study showcasing how we were able to save our clients $3,000,000 on their natural gas bills.

Thank you for reading, and we are glad you are here!

Trends In The Energy Markets
  • The natural gas market remains very bullish - Prompt month NYMEX futures rose above $6.10 / MMBtu pursuant to the April 7th EIA Storage Report.
  • Lingering colder-than-normal temperatures, and diminished storage inventories, as well as the ongoing geo-political conflict are all driving the rise in prices.
  • Prompt month crude oil futures also remain high.
  • Season appropiate tempertures are expected in the Midwest and most of the northern U.S. over the next 30 days. The south will have higher than average temperatures. Parts of the Pacific northwest will be colder than average.
  • Forward electricity prices were up in all regions ranging from 3.5% to 7.3% week over week. PJM, ISO-NE and NYISO saw prices up 5-6%.
Quid Pro Quo: Refer PRI and Earn $300

When you introduce us to a friend or associate and they become a paying client, we'll send you a Visa gift card for $100 - $300 to recognize your referral. So not only will you be thanked for introducing them to PRI, but you'll also be rewarded!

Referring to friends or associates is easy:

First, email an introduction to your friend or associate and to Azi ([email protected]).

Next, we'll talk to your friend and see if we can help.

Finally, we'll send you a Visa gift card for $100 - $300 if your friend becomes a client of PRI.

PRI in the News

Our Chief Operating Officer, Azi Feifel, sat down with Chief Engineer magazine to share his thoughts on energy trends, where the market is heading, and how Prospect Resources continually innovates and iterates its services to serve its clients. Read on to learn more about PRI's dynamic approach to energy procurement and what we do to stay ahead of the curve and protect our clients.

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Energy Efficiency 101: How to Cut Costs and Reduce Volatility With Facility-Specific Strategies

Energy usage is always an essential topic for facilities managers, and this is especially true when the price of energy changes a lot. Geopolitical events and market swings can cause energy prices to change, and when this happens, it affects how much money facilities spend on energy.

Facilities managers can make their operations more sustainable by making better decisions about when, where, and how much energy to buy. By employing facility-specific energy-saving techniques, managers can lower their energy costs and budget more efficiently.

We Made a $3,000,000 Difference!

The weather has a significant impact on energy prices, and in our latest case study, we helped our clients navigate dramatic natural gas price fluctuations during the critical days of February 2021. We ultimately helped clients save money and reduced their volatility simultaneously.

We calculated the financial impact of our hands-on management against many of our competitors who employ the standard fixed-rate contracts that are most common in the market. The results were very dramatic – in total, we saved our clients in Northern Illinois nearly $3,000,000. Click here to read the case study!

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