Our Experience

Dr. Isaac Shkop, CEO
Dr Shkop holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh and was a faculty member in the business school at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He was also an associate member at the Chicago Board of Trade, trading financial futures for several years.

As one of the pioneers of the deregulated natural gas market in Northern Illinois, Dr. Shkop was involved in shaping many of the rules and regulations currently operative in Northern Illinois, and consequently adopted by other regions of the country.  He established Prospect Resources at the request of business associates and former clients who, as large energy users, needed energy planning, hedging, and procurement services.

Hal Pollack, CPA, MBA, Sr. VP for Business Development
Hal is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Management Degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.   Hal worked for eight years in public accounting and then moved from auditing futures brokerage firms to trading financial futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade for nine years.  Since leaving the trading floor in the mid-1990s, Hal has been advising clients about the control of utility costs.

Azi Feifel, MBA, Director of Operations
Azi is a veteran of the hydronics industry, with many years of experience in the production of pumps, valves, boiler controls, steam specialties, and fire pump systems. He has been heavily involved with pump and motor redesign with a focus on energy efficiency. He holds a number of technical certifications, including Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Reliability Engineer, and Six-Sigma Black Belt. Azi is also an adjunct professor of economics and finance.

Jeremy Morgenstern, Director of Client Relations
Jeremy is responsible for maintaining continuous communications with our clients and dealing with all client-related issues.  He is a graduate of the University of Illinois business school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.  Jeremy brings with him many years of experience in sales and service in the financial markets.

Dr. Norman Eliaser, Business Systems Analyst
Norman works on process improvement, data management, and system design. After receiving his Ph.D. at Northwestern, Norman developed and provided client support for financial applications. He is a former VP of Communications and presently serves as webmaster for the IIBA Chicagoland Chapter. Norman is also an Assistant Professor of math and computer / information systems.

Judy Pride, Contract and Data Adminstrator
Judy brings over a decade of experience in banking (asset liability management, cash management, including securities, foreign exchange, and derivative settlements and reconciliations) to bear in keeping a sharp eye on our clients’ data quality.

Yvette Bond, Customer Care Specialist
Yvette ensures a top level of customer care, having 20 years of guiding clients in industries including health and publishing.

Marcy Segal, Office Manager
Marcy’s overall responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of our office and to keep both our employees and clients happy. She maintains office efficiency by organizing office operations and procedures, maintaining our state licensing, handling accounts receivable and payable, and ensuring that clients don’t fall through the cracks.

The referral-based growth of Prospect Resources is testimony to the effective work it has performed on behalf of its clients.
Prospect Resources can serve clients in all US deregulated markets.