About Prospect Resources, Inc.

The Prospect Resources’ (PRI) management team has been a part of the deregulated energy markets in Illinois since its inception in 1984. They are the most qualified and most experienced people in the industry.

PRI provides energy procurement consulting services to about 600 customers in 14 states, and is able to provide services wherever the energy market is deregulated.

Large real estate firms, such as MB Realty, Draper & Kramer, Wirtz Realty, Hertz Investment Group, and the Harbor Group, are among our many clients. Among our clients across the US are: Over 60 of Chicago’s largest condo associations; Over 50 of Chicago’s prime rental properties; 150 health care facilities; Loyola University (5 campuses) – Chicago; Aon Center – Chicago; CBS / KDKA – Pittsburgh; Baltower Building – Baltimore; Wolf Paving – Madison, WI; Grand Gardens Apartment Complex – Cherry Hill, NJ; Gateway Center – Pittsburgh; Hertz Columbus One – Columbus; Brandonview / LaClede Building – St. Louis; Hertz Cleveland – 600 Superior and North Point.

The company’s large volume purchases and close ties with some of largest national suppliers in the US enable them to manage national portfolios from their Skokie, IL offices.

PRI provides:

  1. Detailed Strategic Planning – PRI assists in crafting and executing a custom-tailored, responsive energy procurement strategy that considers the client’s needs, priorities, and risk tolerance
  2. Flexibility – PRI’s strategy provides the ability to purchase energy the way you want, and not the way that works best for the supplier, who always prefers locking 100% at once for as long as possible.
  3. Daily Market Monitoring – PRI staff monitors the energy markets on a daily basis to take advantage of market opportunities.
  4. Financial and Market Analysis Tools – PRI developed unique, proprietary tools to analyze and quickly respond to energy price movements.
  5. Client Services – PRI service personnel prepare energy budgets and summary reports for clients on an annual basis, and are always available to assist with any and all energy-related needs.
  6. Advocacy – PRI works continuously on behalf of its clients to ensure that they are getting the best pricing possible by negotiating flexible and favorable contracts, by assisting with bill review, and by negotiating credit terms where needed. PRI has uncovered suppliers’ errors resulting in over $1,000,000 credit for clients.
  7. Integrity – PRI’s income is based on how much energy is used by its clients, regardless of the price they pay or who is the supplier. Thus its recommendations are devoid of any profit considerations. The best interest of the client is the ONLY consideration for recommending a particular purchase or course of action.
Engage PRI to develop, manage, and execute your energy strategy.