Energy Strategy

Prospect Resources Inc. (PRI) expertise is in the area of developing and executing energy procurement strategy. This strategy must be a part of a complete energy and corporate strategic plan. Several factors help determine how much energy to purchase, as well as the desired timing and source of the contract. Among these factors are:

  • Overall corporate strategic plan regarding acquisition or divestment of properties
  • Overall corporate commitment to renewable energy vs. traditional fossil fuel
  • Adoption of new methodologies for energy efficiency and management, including new battery /storage technology
  • Conversions from gas to electricity or vice versa
  • Current and projected future energy prices

PRI has created alliances with some large firms with expertise in technologies that reduce demand or shift supply to alternative energy sources. PRI provides its clients with an unbiased analysis of the economic viability of these proposals.

Once the energy and overall corporate strategy is in place, PRI will assist in developing a detailed and customized energy procurement plan, execute the plan, and make necessary adjustment, when needed.

Energy Strategy