How PRI’s Proven Approach to Energy Procurement Resulted in $1.3 Million in Savings for this Rental Properties Manager

This case demonstrates the importance of a long-term view of the energy procurement process which resulted in saving a client $1,289,454 from 2014 to 2020. The client saved 19.53% on total energy expenditure.

Scaling Rental Energy Procurement with PRI
PRI presented a prominent Chicago rentals company a proposition to manage energy procurement for their properties. At that time, the company owned and managed six properties, but the company quickly grew and today owns over 40 properties, as it  continues to grow.

By switching to a long-term energy procurement strategy based on the layered hedges approach, Prospect Resources achieved great results for this client. The company president attributes his competitive edge to Prospect Resources, and uses PRI to analyze energy costs before buying additional properties.

These significant savings are a testament to PRI’s ability to deliver on their promise of reducing energy costs for their clients. As energy prices continue to rise, Prospect Resources is positioned to provide even greater value for its clients in the future.

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