About Prospect Resources, Inc.

Prospect Resources (PRI) is a small, agile, and sophisticated firm, providing energy procurement consulting services to about 700 customers in 14 states, and can provide services in all deregulated energy markets. Its management team has been a part of the deregulated energy market in Illinois since its inception in 1984.

PRI clients represent a wide variety of market segments such as local and national real estate firms, large condominium associations and apartment rental buildings, health care firms, universities, and industrial facilities.

Responding to the extreme volatility in the energy market, PRI has developed proprietary software to formulate, execute, and manage detailed energy procurement strategies for natural gas, electricity, and green / renewable energy. Most of our clients take advantage of our breakthrough, “Layered Hedges” strategy, which consistently produces significant savings when compared to fixing 100% at once for periods of 12-36 months.

PRI is renowned for its excellent and responsive staff that has earned client trust by providing great service, relentless advocacy with utilities and suppliers on their behalf. PRI ultimately becomes a trusted partner in all energy related issues.

Engage PRI to develop, manage, and execute your energy strategy.