Our Experience

Dr. Isaac Shkop

Dr. Isaac Shkop, CEO

Dr Shkop holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh and was a faculty member in the business school at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He was also an associate member at the Chicago Board of Trade, trading financial futures for several years.

As one of the pioneers of the deregulated natural gas market in Northern Illinois, Dr. Shkop was involved in shaping many of the rules and regulations currently operative in Northern Illinois, and consequently adopted by other regions of the country.

Given the complexities and the esoteric nature of the energy market, Dr. Shkop established Prospect Resources as  a consultancy company to serve medium and large energy users, educate them about the risks and opportunities in the highly volatile energy market, and to create a system to formulate  and manage detailed energy procurement strategies.

Dr. Shkop has published in peer-review academic journals and has authored  several popular books on interpersonal relationships and honest business dealing.

Azi Feifel

Azi Feifel, MBA, Chief Operating Officer

Azi is a veteran of the hydronics industry, with many years of experience in the production and redesign of pumps, valves, boiler controls and steam specialties, with a focus on energy efficiency.

Azi is using his combined technical, managerial and business skills to oversee the daily operation of PRI, assist clients in all energy related matters, and expand PRI services horizontally and vertically. Azi is also an adjunct professor of economics and finance at Touro College of Illinois. Azi has published widely on energy related topics

Michael Beadle

Michael Beadle, Operations Manager

With accomplished 30+ year careers in Operations, Sales, and Consulting Michael brings a proven record of creating effective solutions to typical as well as difficult business problems. Michael enhances Prospect Resources constant commitment to total client satisfaction.

Jeremy Morgenstern

Jeremy Morgenstern, Director of Client Relations

Jeremy is responsible for maintaining continuous communications with our clients and dealing with all client-related issues.  He is a graduate of the University of Illinois business school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.  Jeremy brings with him 20+ years of experience in sales and service in the financial markets.

Norman Eliaser

Dr. Norman Eliaser, Business Systems Analyst

Norman works on process improvement, data management, and system design. After receiving his Ph.D. at Northwestern, Norman developed and provided client support for financial applications. He is the current President of the IIBA Chicagoland Chapter and serves as their webmaster.

Judy Pride

Judy Pride, Contract and Data Administrator

Judy brings decades of experience in banking in areas such as: asset liability management, cash management, foreign exchange, and derivative settlements and reconciliations. Her experience in meticulously accurate work is a great asset in ensuring data accuracy is our system.

Yvette Bond

Yvette Bond, Customer Care Specialist

Having 20 years of experience in guiding clients in various industries including publishing and health care makes her the perfect person to provide top level customer care.

Lena Prero

Lena Prero, MEd, Office Manager

Lena holds a master’s degree in Education Administration from Loyola University of Chicago. She has many years of experience in supervising various aspects of academic programming including curriculum development and data analysis.

Beyond her responsibilities as office manager, Lena is also involved in developing and executing PRI marketing programs.