A Trusted Partner

Prospect Resources’ expertise lies in the supply side of energy procurement. However, since most clients lack expertise in the area of energy procurement, their relationship with the firm evolves into a close and trusted partnership. Clients appreciate having an objective and trusted expert to keep a watchful eye on the market and provide timely advice, recognizing what PRI brings to the table: intense daily account management, ongoing communication, superb service and a relentless pursuit of the client’s best interests.

PRI is often asked to advise clients on issues and projects not directly related to energy procurement. Here are some examples:

  • PRI has intervened in billing disputes and service issues with public utilities and/or suppliers. To date, these activities resulted in refunds or rebilling of over $1,000,000.
  • PRI has provided analyses regarding such capital energy projects as conversion from electricity to gas, new mechanical equipment to reduce consumption, demand response programs, installation of solar energy equipment, etc.
  • PRI helps clients comply with Chicago’s Benchmarking Ordinance.

Essentially, PRI becomes a client’s outside energy department. Furthermore, some real estate management clients use PRI as a strategic asset when they compete for new business. PRI is asked to present its program to a prospective client of the real estate management company, with the notion that this outstanding service will be part of their management service.

Gain a trusted, strategic partner!

Trusted Partner
Engage PRI to develop, manage, and execute your energy strategy.
PRI’s relationship with many clients evolves into a close and trusted partnership.