Natural Gas Procurement

While natural gas is traded on the open market (NYMEX), the deregulated market is very fragmented. The rules of the game regarding eligibility vary from one utility to another, even in the same state. Analyzing the economic value of contracting with a third-party supplier requires detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations for each utility.

A flexible and responsive strategy of making small purchases over a long period of time offers the best chance of mitigating risks and taking advantage of market volatility. The option offered by some utilities, to store gas in the summer, adds complexity and an additional opportunity to reduce energy costs.

As a pioneer in the deregulated natural gas market with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Isaac Shkop, Prospect Resources CEO, leads a professional staff dedicated to developing and executing a customized procurement strategy that takes maximum advantage of the deregulated, fragmented market for each client.

Natural Gas Procurement
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