Renewable Energy Services:

Option 2: Renewable Energy Certificate (Green-E RECs)

Green-E REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) is essentially an adder that is paid to have renewable energy put onto the grid somewhere in the continental USA. RECs are typically associated with wind-generated renewable power. There are some advantages for procuring RECs:

  1. It supports existing Green Assets (wind, solar, hydro).
  2. No need to fully commit to renewable energy. All or designated percentage of annual energy consumption can be made through purchased RECs.
  3. You can make appropriate environmental claims about a reduction in greenhouse gas “Scope 2” emissions associated with your electricity use.

Some electricity suppliers offer similar Offsite Renewable Energy (ORE) options. The ORE option is similar to the E-REC, but enables the customer to procure renewable credits from an existing local/and or specific source, as opposed to anywhere across the nation. This product provides for:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Location specific generation
  3. Physical, load-following, energy supply contract

Due to the location specific requirement, this will come at a premium to standard E-RECs. It should be noted that this option doesn’t necessarily provides “Additionality” to the grid.

“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

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