Renewable Energy Services:

Option 4: PPA Aggregations

PPA Aggregations

This is an option which is offered by some suppliers. The ORE Grid Adder provides the benefits of the physical PPA, without the headaches often associated with it. The supplier aggregates customers into a PPA and converts it into a retail deal. It is still a 10-15 year commitment depending on the facility location, but there are six (6) primary advantages of the product:

  1. The supplier, not the customer, enters into the PPA
  2. The supplier, not the customer, takes all of the renewable risk
  3. The customer receives, fixed, at-the-meter pricing
  4. The product is load following and not contingent on any factors
  5. As a result, it provides for predictability and certainty
  6. Allows for a simple contract, not much different the regular supply contract

Today, the cost of electricity through this option is probably lower than procuring E-RECS. It also provides for ‘Additionality” to the grid.

“The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

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